6 Clean and Simple Beauty Hacks

Beauty without grace is the hook without the bait.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


1.Coconut oil for skin. Just warm it in your hands first then add to a squirt of body lotion (preferably not a lotion that include "fragrance", a deliberately vague ingredient which can refer to a combination of nearly 3000 different chemicals!) when applying. Be careful not to use too much or you risk staining your clothes, about the size of a quarter for your entire body. This is an easy way to give your skin moisture needed for a natural, healthy glow.



 No make up eyelashes by castor oil, simple and natural

2. Castor  oil for eyelashes. People have been raving about the benefits of castor oil for the past few years. Some claim it will make your eyelashes grow longer or faster. In my experience I have found that it works great to condition them and even remove mascara.I rub a small amount between my fingertips then very gently brush it over my eyelashes before hopping in the shower. The key is to be gentle with your lashes. This also means avoiding daily use of waterproof mascara, which can dry them out, and harsh makeup wipes.

3. Coffee for darker hair and eyebrows. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have bold, beautiful brows. Or they may have damaged theirs through botched tweezing jobs in the past. Using leftover coffee grounds is an easy way to stain them darker without putting chemicals near your eyes. After making my morning coffee I dab some of the still moist grounds onto my eyebrows and allow it to dry while I finish getting ready. Yes, it does make me look like Frankenstein for about 10 minutes. But, after wiping it off with a wet towel they are a nicely darkened. I have found the the finer the grind and deeper the roast, the more effective this is.

4. Cold water and alcohol free witch hazel. First thing in the morning, I splash my face with cold water then pat dry and follow with dab of witch hazel. I like to do this instead of using facial scrubs or washes that contain extra fragrances and dry out my skin. Some people get into this vicious cycle with their oily skin where they use face was to remove the oil; their skin in turn produces more to compensate for the lost moisture. Make sure that your witch hazel does not contain any alcohol or you will end up with the same problem.

5. Cucumbers for puffy eyes. Sometimes a sudden change in humidity or eating too much sodium the day before will cause me to wake up with puffy eyes. To combat this I will put cold cucumber slices over my eyes for a few minute till the puffiness reduces. It feels so refreshing!

6. Washing hair less, condition only the ends. I used to find that I could not go a second day without washing my hair. This was actually because I was washing it too much. Similar to the oily skin dilemma, all of the washing was drying out my hair and causing it to produce extra oils. I began washing it every other day. After about a week of awkwardly oily hair, it accommodated to the new routine and became less oily. I also found that only putting conditioner in the ends of my hair helped it to look more voluminous during the day instead of flat and greasy. I have even read about the "No-poo method" where you completely stop using shampoo. I have not tried this yet but some people swear by it.