My Vegan Diet Almost Killed Me, A Response

 Dark cloudy skies. Thinking about death an doom.
I am not afraid of death, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.
— Woody Allen

No honey it really didn’t.

Recently I came across this article titled "My Vegan Diet Almost Killed Me." It’s about Jordan Young whose opening claim is that a plant based diet malnourished her to the point of “shivering from cold and exhaustion.”  After painting a dramatic image of an emaciated woman cowering under her bed covers it describes her as following an 800-calorie-per-day juice cleanse. Stop. Does anyone else see the problem?

It doesn’t matter if your measly 800 calories comes from bacon, green juice, or unicorn sneezes. It will kill you.

Jordan Young’s vegan diet was not what was really harming her. She restricted her calories to an extreme extent and combined with her rigorous exercise this caused her to rub shoulders with death. The article does mention the correct cause of her health endeavor, orthorexia, but fails to name it as that.

The thing about conditions like orthorexia, anorexia, bulimia, and other similar disorders is that they come from disordered thinking. There are studies showing that eating disorders may be hereditary, whether it is because you accommodated the unhealthy habits you grew up around or due to some of your genetics. What I am trying to get at is that Jordan Young likely would have developed a disorder whether she experimented with veganism or not.

Another point in this article that got me was when they said “a dietician confirmed that consuming fish and eggs would boost her poor nutrient levels.” Do you know what nutrients you are missing when you only eat 800 calories a day? ALL OF THEM. Almost any additional food would “boost” these levels. Yes fish and eggs have important nutrients, but I believe this was taken out of context and used as a petty attack on veganism.

Overall, the article sheds some much needed light on the issue of eating disorders. However, it fallaciously throws veganism under the bus. It was a brash decision to title it the way they did and compromised some truth for attention.

The end of the article shows Jordan’s life now, and she has been doing much better. I noticed on her Instagram she calls herself “The Balanced Blonde.” Which is pretty cool. I am all for being balanced. Because a life where you do not allow yourself any fulfillment or simple pleasures  (like ice cream!) is really just “not-being-dead”