Healthy Cook's Tool Box

I have a greater appreciation for kitchen appliances, having played one.
— Anthony Daniels

Would you sit down and try to watch your favorite Netflix show on one of those 13 inch black and white television sets from the 70s? No. Then why would you try to prepare a healthy meal with shotty kitchen equipment? Both are equally dysfunctional and burdensome. It is difficult to feel inspired to cook when task is so arduous; as a result, the general public's reliance on convenience food has passed the point of ridiculous. The most common complaints I here are : "I don't have enough time to prepare a healthy meal." or "When I get home after a long day I just don't have the energy." What may be missing is the proper tools that will make cooking less tedious. Whether you'r well-seasoned or still a bit green check to see that you have what you need to be successful in the kitchen.

  • Designated Tofu Towel

    • If you cook with tofu often I’m sure you know that it is like a wet sponge. Now there are fancy “tofu press” devices on the market, but all you need is a good, clean dish towel. You can easily remove the excess moisture out by cutting the tofu into slabs and pressing it between the towel. Keep this towel separate (maybe even buy one that is a different color) from the others so you don’t accidentally defile it on dirty dishes.

  • Bread Machine

    • These things are awesome! in addition to bread you can mix up dough of any sort or seitan without even thinking. Bread machines will cost anywhere from $50 to $150 up front, but the time you’ll save is worth it. Also, consider checking out a thrift store to see if they have one; I have seen bread machines that were still in the box being sold at thrift stores on numerous occasions.

  Bread machine seitan  for people who just don't have the time!

Bread machine seitan for people who just don't have the time!

  • Crock Pot

    • Crock pots are extremely versatile.They can take the place of a rice cooker and if you plan ahead, an oven. From soups and chilis to meat and veggies, crock pots make healthy eating easy for anyone with time constraints.

  • Good Blender

    • You don’t realize the value of a good blender until you’ve struggled with a crappy one for years. After going through three crappy ones I realized it would have been cheaper to just buck up in the first place. Yes, you can definitely make smoothies with your blender (because that’s what all healthy people eat, right?), but a quality blender can do so much more. It will have attachments that will allow you to mill grains, puree soups and sauces, mix dough, and more. And bonus, it won’t break after five uses.

 Made  this  delicious dish with the help of my Ninja Blender!

Made this delicious dish with the help of my Ninja Blender!

  • Proper Knives

    • Special knives do special things, and if you find yourself in the kitchen a lot, you’re going to want to know about these things. Having the proper equipment will make tedious tasks, like mincing garlic,easier. This will overall make cooking less of a chore.

  • Kitchen Scissors

    • Like with the knives, kitchen scissors will relieve the burden of certain cooking tasks. Make sure these scissors are used for food only.

  • Vegetable Peeler

    • Sick of carrot shrapnel flying out the back end of your knife? Me too. Get yourself a vegetable peeler; it will get the job done and waste less food.

  • Glass Bakeware with Lids

    • Take your healthy dish straight from the oven, to the fridge, to your lunch box. Bakeware that allows you to store and transport your healthy dishes will make eating well more accessible. No more excuses for buying convenience food, pack it!