Going Vegan or Going Broke?

Nobody ever wrote down a plan to be broke, fat, lazy, or stupid. Those things are just what happens to you when you don’t have a plan.
— Marlan Rico Lee
 Going vegan or going broke

If your vegan diet has eat you out of your own home, then you need a wake up call. Because: you’re doing it wrong. That’s right. I usually like to be liberal about these things: “Incorporate veganism into your life where you can..do your best..” and so on. But when it comes down to finances and number crunching there is a smart way to be vegan and a dumb way.

A vegan diet excludes animal products, which are usually higher in cost than produce; so it should be saving you money. The price of beef ranges from $4-6 per pound and even $7-8 per pound depending on the cut. Pork is about $4-5 per pound (alright sometimes the cheap stuff is sold for $3) and chicken, which is the most economical, is $1.5-3 per pound. A dozen eggs will cost you about $4, and a gallon of milk $3. Now these number don’t seem astronomical but, most produce, grains, and legumes are sold for less than $2 per pound and often less than $1.

I can already see an argument about the high prices of organic produce bubbling. Consider this: you don’t have to eat organic to be vegan. And you can still reap the health and environmental benefits of a vegan diet. Also you can’t compare an organic vegan diet to a SAD (Standard American Diet); that’s like comparing apples to chicken nuggets ( specifically chicken nuggets that have something in common with breast implants!). Instead, compare an organic vegan diet to an organic omnivore diet. The vegan still comes out ahead.

You may still be wondering how a vegan goes broke. This is likely what they are spending their money on:


Cheese substitutes

Butter substitutes

Milk substitutes

Ice Cream

Fancy cookies and cupcakes

Fake meat

Frozen pizza and other prepared meals


Notice these are all trying to imitate foods that are given up in a vegan diet. They are usually the more unhealthy options as well. The sweets and treats will obviously have a significant amount of added sugar, the others often contain large amounts of sodium, hydrogenated oils, and sometimes funky chemicals (to make it taste more like what it’s not!).


Some wholesome staples for a vegan diet would include:



bulk whole grains

nuts and seeds



Pretty simple, right? Oh and cheap. So, if you want to be able to pay your electric bill these should make up the majority of your diet. Yes, there is room for some indulgence when you and your wallet can handle it.