It's That Time of Year Again, Paris Climate Summit COP21

    If the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the phrase “that time of year” is Christmas you are either a capitalist or a Christian. Anyways…

    Gathering in Paris is over 150 world leaders, just weeks after the terrorist attacks. On the part of all of the COP21 attendees it is brave. The COP is a prime exhibition humans identifying their shared needs an irrefutable interdependence. Fresh in the face of the adversity seen in the ISIS attacks, it will force us to sit down and talk, to lay the foundations to achieve common goals.

    Now we all like to get down on the United Nations for shortcomings in the past like in Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Srebrenica, and the list goes on. But perhaps it is events like COP supported by the UN that call attention to the fact that we are all human and share this planet, it needs to be preserved. The acts of terror and violence we have witnessed stem from our fear of diversity and mere desire to protect our own values. We should go into this on a positive note though, considering that  we are “two degrees” away from real disaster otherwise.


On a side note Obama went well over his time limit in his initial speech, because you know “Bucket!”.