Save Elephants for the Holidays

Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

This Christmas I received one of the neatest gifts I’ve ever gotten. Back in November my sister had called me and mentioned how excited she was to give me this gift. She had come in to town just to spend the holiday with us. She walked in with several boxes and bags; mine was a cardboard box marked “100% Eco-Friendly”.



It was gift set from some place called The Elephant Pants. Inside was a charm bracelet, harem pants, an infinity scarf, and a pair of headphones, all elephant themed!

 awesome gift mystery box from Elephant Pants


She knew that I loved elephants (on my last birthday she bought me an adorable elephant teapot), but the story behind this gift made it even better!


I should have known by the eco-friendly packaging that there was more to this Elephant Pants place. They sponsor the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and work toward terminating the poaching and hunting of elephants. For every $2 spent on their products $1 goes to the AWF. Another cool thing about their products is that they are made by seamstresses in Chiang Mai who are paid double the standard wage and receive health care.



All the info about their mission and conduct can be found on their website along with their products. 



The pants were comfortable and light. I particularly liked that the print was so clear and there were no awkward seams that interrupted the elephant pattern.


 loving these harem elephant pants


Bonus! They have pockets.


 harem elephant pants with pockets


I am not a big fan of gold jewelry but I like the variety of colors and textures from the different beads and chains on the bracelet. It has little bells on it that jingle, very appropriate for Christmas.


 Elephant Pants bracelet


The infinity scarf was bigger than I expected and could probably double for a blanket. But, when it is being worn it looks nice. I like the print on the scarf even more; it had the silhouette of baby and adult elephants trailing behind one another.



These headphones are so damned cute! And they come with a case that keeps the cord from getting tangled.


 Cute headphones with elephants on them

I highly recommend a gift from Elephant Pants for all the hippies, tree-huggers, yogis, and granola crunchers in your life. Or if your fall under one of these categories, gift yourself with a purpose.