There are Vegetable-Eating Thugs in My Kiitchen

So, no, we didn’t grow up in some wheatgrass covered huts in some hippie commune. We are your next door neighbors, and somewhere along the way we learned to eat right.
— Thug Kitchen
 First trial recipe on Thug Kitchen

I realize I am a little late to jump on the bandwagon with this book, but who cares, I love it! I received Thug Kitchen as a gift over the holidays and probably only put it down so I could stuff something delicious in my face.

It is riddled with profanity, but I like the unconventional take on veganism. One of my favorite quotes was their explanation for what jicama was: “This is a big-ass root that tastes so fucking good. It’s like the product of a one-night stand between an apple and a potato. Don’t fight it, just buy it.”

Their motto is simple: “Eat like you give a fuck.” Some may find the profanity in bad taste but I feel that it appeals to a younger generation, which is vital considering that the weight of climate change, poverty, and obesity (how ironic) is on their shoulders.

The appeal to young people reminds me of Ron Finley’s Gansgsta Gardener approach.He inspires youth, often from poor neighbourhoods, to garden healthy food in their own backyard. One of his his sayings is “Plant some shit.”



So first recipe I tried was the “Cauliflower Creamy Pasta”.



It did not require many ingredients or kitchen skills. Nice.

 Blending up sauce for a recipe from Thug Kitchen



I garnished it with parsley as the book suggested. Aesthetic as fuck.


 Parsley garnish for pasta dish from Thug Kitchen


Then I served it to my mom after she got off of an unusually long day of work. Because I’m cute like that (make an ugly face as you read that last part out loud).


 Dinner with mom, recipe via Thug Kitchen


The sauce did not come out as creamy as I’d expected, but it was tasteful and light. In other words, I didn’t feel a double by-pass coming as is true with many creamy-pasta-type dishes.


 Creamy pasta from Thug Kitchen that will not clog arteries

Mother Theresa may not approve of the vocabulary, but she’d probably be down af with the message behind it. And all the Snoop Dog- wannabe’s of the world may not take up healthy eating and gardening unless they were certain that they could still be a thug. This is what you call balance, people.